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We had a very exciting trip to Washington D.C., Williamsburg, Virginia and Camp Kulaqua, Florida! We now understand U.S.A. history and customs much better! 

For our next the Summer 2018 trip, bookings start in mid December 2017 for June 2018. To avoid disapointment, it is important to book earlier. Below is the information for June 2017.


For anyone going, it is critical to have a good understanding of English otherwise the child may get hurt, and others around them as well, if they do not follow the safety instructions at the various activities. 

While at Camp Kulaqua, there will be NO Japanese language support.  If your child would like to join us, knowing this,  please contact us as soon as possible.

This year we will be limiting the number of participants to 21 students aged 6 - 17.

Cancellation Policy: Airfare - no refund. Camp Kulaqua - $50 deducted from the refund. Hotels - no refund. Other events - depending on the time of cancelation. 

These tours are a fantastic value! A normal tour operator would charge us at least JPY 550,000 for Tour 1. Tour 2 would cost at least JPY 750,000.

The price includes: Air ticket, accommodation, all meals, water, special T-shirt, all transportation, all park/event tickets, and even  ice-cream and some snacks.

The price does not include: souvenirs. Children older than 12 may bring and spend their own money as they wish on souvenirs and snacks. Children younger than 12 will have their money taken care of by a teacher, or will pay for souvenirs when they return.

We have 2 Tours:

Tour 1:    2 Weeks        Non-Axis students: JPY 416,000

1 week in Orlando and 1 week at camp

Tour 2     3 Weeks    Non-Axis students:  JPY 516,000

1 week in Orlando and 2 weeks at camp

Below is the proposed itinerary for 2017. Unforeseen events such as the weather may force some changes. As details are confirmed, this page will be updated.

4 June Depart Narita airport

4 June Arrive at Washington D.C.check-in at a Marriott Hotel

5 June The National Mall

6 June  The National Mall

7 June Drive to Virgina today. Check in at Marriott's Manor Club at Ford's Colony

8 June Williamsburg Living Museum

9 June Williamsburg Living Museum

10 June Church

11 June Early morning flight to Florida. Check into Camp Kulaqua by 3 p.m.

12 June Camp Kulaqua Week 1

13 June Camp Kulaqua Week 1

14 June Camp Kulaqua Week 1

15 June Camp Kulaqua Week 1

16 June Camp Kulaqua Week 1

17 June Camp Kulaqua Week 1

18 June Tour 1 departs America. 2nd Group remain at Camp Kulaqua Week 2

19 June Camp Kulaqua Week 2  Tour 1 arrive back in Japan.

20 June Camp Kulaqua Week 2

21 June Camp Kulaqua Week 2

22 June Camp Kulaqua Week 2

23 June Camp Kulaqua Week 2

24 June Camp Kulaqua Week 2

25 June Tour 2 departs America

26 June Tour 2 Arrive in Japan 




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