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Welcome to Axis International School!

Axis International School provides elementary, junior high, and high school students the opportunity to study a full academic curriculum in English under the instruction of highly qualified, native English-speaking teachers.


International school students benefit from an individualized school schedule in which they can study at their own pace and receive personalized instruction from their teacher. In this way, students can accelerate their studies and complete grade levels early or spend more time on problem areas to increase their academic success.


Recent students with Axis have come within the top 10% of students in private schools in America according to the Stanford Standardized Test. Our highest achiever is within the top 2%. The low student to teacher ratio at Axis International facilitates a personal interaction that fosters academic growth, critical thinking skills, and character development.




Students joining Axis International undergo assessment to determine their ability to complete English coursework and to confirm their appropriate grade level in our program. Children who are not able to study entirely in English will need to take intensive private classes and must allow for an adjustment period before following regular courses. While this preparation is not easy, we are more than willing to work with students who are motivated to improve their English. We also offer full bilingual support to parents who may need it.


Axis International School follows the Griggs International Academy home school curriculum. Students may start their coursework at any time during the year since each student takes an individualized pace. When beginning a new grade level, Axis International enrolls the student in the Griggs program, and textbooks arrive from the United States. Teachers provide students with check sheets that outline the course work students must complete prior to taking each subject test. Completed tests are mailed approximately every six weeks to the United States for grading. This grading process ensures that students are meeting the standardized requirements for receiving a U.S. diploma. When each six week grade report arrives from the U.S., the teacher will meet with the student and his or her parents to discuss the results of the tests and to identify any problem areas. If a student needs to modify their program of study, possible changes will be discussed at that time.


All full-time students take coursework in English Language, Mathematics, Reading, Science and Social Studies. Elementary students also study Art, Handwriting, Music, and Spelling. Students in junior high and high school may choose from a variety of electives including computer courses, additional languages, and specialized academic courses in literature and science.  Once students complete high school at Axis, they may go on to study at an American university or pursue courses of study in other countries. There are many options, so please discuss your student’s needs with us. Students from Axis International have continued their studies at excellent schools in the United States as well as in Canada, Japan, Russia, and Korea.


School Life and Culture
In addition to their personalized academic instruction, students at Axis International enjoy the social aspect of a formal school environment. Students may collaborate on group projects in academic subjects or fine art courses. All students join in art, music, and physical education classes. Students also may join afterschool club activities such as art club, business club, computer club, or sports club. Lunch time provides a daily opportunity for students to relax and enjoy socializing.
At Axis, we strive not only for students’ academic excellence, but also for their excellence of character. While most of our students are not Christian, all study the Bible as part of their program. Younger students explore a variety of Bible stories that support positive character traits. Older students join a weekly Bible session in which they discuss a variety of topics ranging from Biblical history to real world problems in the daily news. We believe that the Bible is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path of life.


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Once again, thank you for your offer and kindness. It has given us assurance that we are not entrusting our children to teachers who will only educate them academically but to a wonderful people who will educate and challenge them as a whole person. (mentally, morally and spiritually).

L    August 4, 2016   

M within this week has received offers for two excellent Canadian universities(Victoria and UBC). I must say, it is even better than I even dreamt off. This makes us proud but with the due realization that your efforts have been a crucial contribution and played a big role. Thanks so much and I hope it gives you even more confidence to inspire the best in your students and endeavors.

E.C.    May 29, 2014