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May Japanese children attend the International School?

Yes, if their English ability is adequate. We conduct assessment tests prior to student enrollment to confirm that students are ready for an English curriculum and to determine at what grade level students should begin.


Do the parents have to be able to speak English?

Preferably, parents should speak and understand English in order to support their children’s studies and to communicate more effectively with the international teachers. However, Japanese-speaking staff members will support parents as much as possible.


What kind of materials do you use?

Our school follows the Griggs International Academy curriculum which is an accredited program based in the United States. Students graduating from our high school program earn the same U.S. high school diploma that any American child would receive.


How many grades do you have?

Our international school accepts students in Grade 1 – Grade 12 (elementary, junior high, and high school). Our preschool program welcomes students from age 1 through kindergarten, preparing young students to join the international elementary school from Grade 1.


Is the credit recognized in other countries?

Yes, as long as an American diploma is recognized. Please see below for a list of  schools and countries that our students have transferred to.


Can students transfer abroad?

Yes. Please come and discuss the many possibilities available.


What sports do children at Axis participate in?

They participate  in: Badminton, Basketball, Field Hockey, Soccer, Swimming, and Table Tennis.


What nationalities are the teachers?

Our teachers are American, and South African. We also have Japanese support staff.


What countries are represented by the students?

America, China, Japan, Republic of Korea, Malawi,  New Zealand, Philippines and Russia. 


What percentage of the students have a foreign nationality?


The above nationalities make up 44.8% of the students.


What schools do Axis International School graduates go to?

Some of the schools our graduates have been accepted include:

BASIS Tuscon, U.S.A

Hawaiian Baptist Academy, Honolulu, U.S.A  

University of Victoria, Canada

University of British Columbia, Canada


Some of the schools our graduates have gone to include:

The British School, Tokyo, Japan

Christian Academy in Japan, Tokyo, Japan

Hawaiian Mission Academy, Hawaii, USA

Hiroo Gakuen, Tokyo, Japan

Keimei, Tokyo, Japan

K International, Tokyo, Japan

Lincoln High School, Portland, U.S.A.

Lycée International School(American Section), Paris, France

Mid-Pacific Institute, Honolulu, U.S.A 

Yangbul Elementary School, Gyeonggi City, Republic of Korea




Columbia Union College, Maryland, USA

University of British Columbia, Canada




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Once again, thank you for your offer and kindness. It has given us assurance that we are not entrusting our children to teachers who will only educate them academically but to a wonderful people who will educate and challenge them as a whole person. (mentally, morally and spiritually).

L    August 4, 2016   

M within this week has received offers for two excellent Canadian universities(Victoria and UBC). I must say, it is even better than I even dreamt off. This makes us proud but with the due realization that your efforts have been a crucial contribution and played a big role. Thanks so much and I hope it gives you even more confidence to inspire the best in your students and endeavors.

E.C.    May 29, 2014