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All students are unique, and their daily study schedules vary according to their needs, abilities, and interests. Teachers will work with students on an individual basis throughout the day. Students follow the check sheets prepared by their teachers to keep track of what needs to be done each day in order to complete coursework and prepare for tests.

The school day begins at 9 AM with a brief assembly of all students to enjoy some Biblical counsel, sing hymns, and hear announcements. After Assembly, all students help clean the school.

Academic study time begins at 9:30 AM. Each student and the teacher consult the student’s check sheet to determine what the student needs to work on for the day. While lessons on the check sheet proceed sequentially for each subject, students rarely do a lesson from each subject each day. Students may work diligently on several lessons of the same subject for the entire school day if needed. Also, students do not miss lessons if they are absent. They can simply continue the next day they return to school from where they left off on their check sheet. Students have a short break time from 10:50 – 11 AM.
At 11 AM on most days, students participate in Physical Education. When the weather is nice, P.E. often takes place outside at nearby parks. Students engage in a variety of sports and learn the necessary skills and rules as each activity is introduced. On Fridays, students usually have a longer P. E. session at local gymnasiums to enjoy swimming, basketball, badminton, or other sports requiring special facilities.

Lunch time begins at noon and ends at 1 PM. Students bring lunch to school and may use the school kitchen for heating their meals. After eating, students may use the remaining lunch time for socializing, relaxing, or catching up on their studies.
After lunch, students continue studying until 2:50 PM with a short break from 1:50 – 2 PM. Toward the end of the day, teachers assign homework according to students’ grade level, abilities, and level of completion of their work. Children who work quickly and accurately during the school day may have little or no homework. Students are dismissed at 2:50PM and may be picked up or travel home on their own. Some students may choose to stay at school a bit longer and work on their homework using school resources.

Field Trips
Axis International students go on field trips roughly every month. Once a year, students visit a local Disaster Center to practice what to do in various emergency situations. The students particularly enjoy the earthquake simulation experience and the opportunity to practice using fire extinguishers. Other recent field trips include visits to the Tama Science Center, Ghibili Museum, Ueno Zoo, Miraikan, and the Sunshine City Aquarium. These field trips provide an opportunity for students to connect course content to real experiences in an enjoyable way. Axis International also holds an annual, school-wide picnic during the cherry blossom season at Inogashira Park in Kichijoji. This is a great time for all the students and often parents to spend time enjoying the changing of seasons and the beginning of a new school year.

International School Summer Program
During the summer, Axis International School students may take the opportunity to spend time developing skills with which they are struggling or to work ahead in their studies. Students who stay on for summer school usually focus on one or two subject areas rather than the full yearly schedule of courses. English and Math are the most popular summer subjects. Student interested in summer school should book early as this program is typically full a month before it starts.


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Once again, thank you for your offer and kindness. It has given us assurance that we are not entrusting our children to teachers who will only educate them academically but to a wonderful people who will educate and challenge them as a whole person. (mentally, morally and spiritually).

L    August 4, 2016   

M within this week has received offers for two excellent Canadian universities(Victoria and UBC). I must say, it is even better than I even dreamt off. This makes us proud but with the due realization that your efforts have been a crucial contribution and played a big role. Thanks so much and I hope it gives you even more confidence to inspire the best in your students and endeavors.

E.C.    May 29, 2014