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Thank you for your interest to work with us! 

Axis International School is a unique school that has made a hybrid between the traditional school and a home school program. By mixing the two, we are able to take the strengths of both and offer our students a far superior learning environment. Standardized tests are starting to show that our students are performing much better than average, and that has become our advantage.  We take average kids and produce an above average number of superior students. We welcome anyone with a like mind, who genuinely wants to assist kids from all walks of life to making achievements that they never though they could do, and giving them options that they never dreamed they could have.   

We generally have two intakes a year. Japanese schools start in April, and many international schools start in September. Both are important dates for new hires. As it takes up to 4 months to obtain the appropriate visa, we start looking at least 6 months ahead of those dates.

It is sometimes difficult to predict when a position will open so if you would like to submit your resume in the hope that something will open up in the coming months, then please send your resume to: When we know of a vacancy, the word VACANCY will appear beside that position.

Please submit the following when you apply:

  • Cover Letter
  • Essay about what makes a good teacher
  • Resume with as much biographical information as possible(visa status, married, children, driver's license, date of birth, date of graduation, etc.)

We prefer teaching applicants with teaching credentials. For applicants wishing to teach, and who are not credentialed teachers, we are able to take you as long as you agree to do a certification program lasting about a year. You may then teach in the area of your degree.

 Interns are welcome to apply for internships. 

Our Basic benefits package includes:

  • Japanese Social Health insurance
  • Japanese Social Pension
  • starting with about 5 weeks paid holiday per year
  • Paid Sick Leave
  • Paid National Holidays
  • 32 hour teaching time per week planned
  • 7 hours planning time per week planned
  • visa sponsorship


Toddler Teacher(ages 1 - 3)  

Preschool Teacher(ages 3 - 5)   

Preschool Teacher(ages 5 and 6)

Elementary School Teacher 

Middle School Teacher 

High School Teacher

  • Math/Science. 
  • Social Studies/English 
  • Other

Spanish Teacher (part time only)

Japanese Teacher 

P.E. Teacher

Art Teacher

School Secretary


Some interesting facts about our school that some applicants have asked in interviews:

Started: 2003

Largest class size: 8


Staff's Country of Origin: America(4), Brazil(1), Columbia(1), Finland(1), Jamaica(1), Japan(5), The Philippines(2), South Africa(3) 

Longest hire: 11 years

Total number of staff: 18

44% have been with the school for more than 5 years

39% have been with the school between 1 and 5 years.

17% are with us for less than 1 year.

72% Christians

39% Male

61% Female

61% married

39% single


We are currently adding at least 1 new full time position each year. We would be happy to hear from you if you are interested in working with us.

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Once again, thank you for your offer and kindness. It has given us assurance that we are not entrusting our children to teachers who will only educate them academically but to a wonderful people who will educate and challenge them as a whole person. (mentally, morally and spiritually).

L    August 4, 2016   

M within this week has received offers for two excellent Canadian universities(Victoria and UBC). I must say, it is even better than I even dreamt off. This makes us proud but with the due realization that your efforts have been a crucial contribution and played a big role. Thanks so much and I hope it gives you even more confidence to inspire the best in your students and endeavors.

E.C.    May 29, 2014