Our Preschool students speak English within months of starting if that is not their home language. ESL students are at their grade level within 2 years of starting with us. All our Japanese students are Japanese/English bilingual.

Our Grade 3 – 11 students take the Stanford Standardized test every March at the end of their academic year. This year,  47% of students had above average scores for their grade level. Our most recent High School class’ average SAT score was 1340 with a GPA of 3.89 on a 4.0 scale. 

The Griggs program that we are affiliated with, also boasts excellent success. 60% of the graduating class go to the best 50 universities in the world.

The low student-to-teacher ratio of 1 teacher to 8 students at Axis International, facilitates a personal interaction that fosters academic growth, critical thinking skills, and character development.



Axis International School Program

International School

Students from the age of 6 enjoy studying the Bible, Language Arts (Reading, Writing, Grammar, Spelling), Math, Science, and Social Studies courses. These courses are at the same level as required by students in America.



Children aged 1 – 3 attend our Toddler program. From the age of 3 students begin to learn in a creative way through various academic activities, craft work and play. Students are outside whenever the weather permits.


Once again, thank you for your offer and kindness. It has given us assurance that we are not entrusting our children to teachers who will only educate them academically but to wonderful people who will educate and challenge them as a whole person (mentally, morally and spiritually).


M within this week has received offers for two excellent Canadian universities (Victoria and UBC). I must say, it is even better than I even dreamt off. This makes us proud but with the due realization that your efforts have been a crucial contribution and played a big role. Thanks so much and I hope it gives you even more confidence to inspire the best in your students and endeavors.


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