Standardized tests show that our students are performing much better than average, and that has become our advantage. We take average students and produce above average students. We welcome anyone with a like mind, who genuinely wants to assist kids from all walks of life to making achievements that they never though they could do, and giving them options that they never dreamed they could have.

We generally have two intakes a year. Japanese schools start in April, and many international schools start in September. Both are important dates for new hires. As it can take up to 4 months to obtain the appropriate visa(after all the paperwork is submitted), we start looking at least 6 months ahead of those dates.

It is sometimes difficult to predict when a position will open so if you would like to submit your resume in the hope that something will open up in the coming months, then please complete the online application form. When we know of a vacancy, the word VACANCY will appear beside that position.

Interns are welcome to apply with us.

After checking with your school, we may be able to help you. Programs that we have worked with include:
University of Southern California, USA
Nova South Eastern University, USA
Marnix Academie, The Netherlands
The College of New Jersey, USA

  • Competitive salary based on experience

  • Health insurance(medical, dental, vision all included)

  • Pension
  • Paid Sick leave

  • Some Flexible Holidays in addition to the school holidays(up to 10 working days)

  • Bonus

  • Assistance with finding a place to live

  • Assistance with finding a place to live

  • Laptop computer for work( Grade 1 – 12)

  • Visa sponsorship if needed

Opened positions

  • Toddler Teacher(aged 1 – 3) VACANCY – we are planning to open a new position in April 2024 based on new enrollment. Application deadline 4 December 2023.

  • Preschool Teacher(aged 3 – 6) VACANCY – we are planning to open a new position in April 2024 based on new enrollments. Application deadline is 4 December 2023.

  • Elementary Teacher VACANCY – we are planning to open a new position in April 2024 based on new enrollment. Application deadline is 4 December 2023.

  • Middle School Teacher  

  • High School Teacher

    • Math
    • Science VACANCY for  April 2024.  Application deadline 4 December 2023
    • American History
    • Literature(American and British)
  • P.E. Teacher 

  • Bilingual Secretary 

  • Art Teacher

  • Bible Teacher

  • Japanese Language Teacher

Some interesting facts about our school that some applicants have asked in interviews

  • When was Axis started: 2003

  • What is the maximum number of students in a class: 8

  • Staff’s Country of Origin(number): America(2), Finland(1), Japan(3), The Netherlands(1), The Philippines(5), Rwanda (1), South Africa(1), United Kingdom(1)

  • Longest hire: 8 years

  • Total number of staff: 15

  • 39% have been with the school for more than 5 years

  • 31% have been with the school between 1 and 5 years.

  • 30% are with us for less than 1 year.

  • 46% Male

  • 54% Female

  • 69% married

  • 31% single

  • 45% of children have a foreign passport

  • 100 % of parents surveyed say teachers give positive reinforcement to students

  • 100% of parents surveyed reported that teachers listen to and respect their concerns

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