The purpose of Axis International school is to provide a good education to any child that would like to have an international education, and who shows an ability for it. In 2003 it was very difficult for a Japanese student to get into a good international school.

On the west side of Tokyo, choices were even more limited and it was felt that it would be possible to start a new school in the Kichijoji area.

We chose to use the program of Home Study International – a program created for children of missionaries of the Seventh-Day Adventist church. They had over one hundred years of experience. We had no intention of re-inventing the wheel so we used their program at the beginning.

Bible is one of the core subjects of the curriculum and is an integral part of establishing a values based curriculum. Teaching the Bible also trains children in having to make choices between good and bad. As they become older, they need to think about the questions of life. These questions have an important impact on our life and without touching on these, any education is incomplete.

To allow for effective interaction between the teacher and the students, and in order to pursue a truly holistic approach, we have adopted a maximum ratio of one teacher for eight students. This ensures that each teacher and student can interact on a daily basis as needed.

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