In the event of a serious earthquake or other disaster the school will do the following:

  • Evacuate the building if necessary.

  • General communication may not be working as we are used to. As soon as possible, we will broadcast via our website(on this page), which children are with us and the location of where we will be. There are a number of evacuation locations around the schools and we will post that as soon as possible.

  • All children will remain with staff until a parent or family member collects the child.

  • No child will be permitted to go home alone unless we receive permission from the school in a text, e-mail message or phone call.

  • The school bus will not be run.

  • When communicating, it seems that text messages are better than phone calls. We will text or e-mail parents the status of their child.

Parents should please do the following:

Keep Track About Your Child’s Activities

We believe that parent’s participation is very important for child’s progress. Through our E-mail list you’ll be getting the latest information about your child’s activities.

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