We are a dynamic, multicultural community that makes new discoveries each day. Each child is full of natural, individual curiosity and potential. They come with many multiple strengths that need to be honed and perfected over time. Preschool is the beginning of a journey and we are committed to giving each child the solid foundation that they need for success.

Our creative program challenges students at multiple levels to ensure that they develop into well rounded students. Physical, Mental and Spiritual aspects are all covered by our program.

The family is an integral part of the success of each child. We encourage close co-operation between the parents and the teacher with a special diary for each child. This also becomes a wonderful record of your child’s first events.

A low teacher-to-student ratio ensures that each child participates and is recognized. Their inquisitive minds need answers. Sometimes they need a pair of guiding hands to help them with their work. Having just 6 or 8 students in a class allows for the nurturing that young children need, to take place.

Regular field trips allow our students to enjoy multiple experiences that are not enjoyed in the classroom. From sweet potato harvesting, the zoo, experiencing the world of a TV presenter, or visiting the fire station, a variety of experiences enhances the classroom learning and make the children better acquainted with the world around them.

Outdoor play is very important to children for children to be well balanced. Our students enjoy outdoor play whenever the weather permits.

Our team of dedicated, experienced, and talented professionals know what is needed to prepare for struggles and challenges that each child will face. Here, each student will begin the life-long journey of learning, achieving and success.

Customized Curriculum Tailored For Each Age Group

The program has a high standard to enrich and challenge our students.




Health Education

Social Studies

Math and Reasoning



English Language

Social Emotional

Religious Education

A sample of our daily schedule is as follows:

08:30 School Opens Free play
09:20 Morning Circle Program starts
09:50 Snack Time Snacks brought from home
10:00 Outdoor Play Slides, jungle gym, etc.
11:00 Study Time Age appropriate. See above for the subjects.
12:00 Lunch Lunch brought from home
12:30 Toddlers begin their nap
13:00 Craft Time Thematic Craft
14:00 Reading Class

Show and Tell

Age appropriate reading

Thematic Presentation

14:30 Program ends Bus picks up some students
14:50 Snack Time Snacks brought from home
15:00 Educational Activity Time Activities according to the interest and level

e.g. puzzles, coloring, reading

17:30 Last bus pick-up
18:00 School Closes

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