Enhance the Learning Experience
with Annual School Trips

To enhance the learning experience at we have an optional, annual school trip. The trip is comprised of two parts: one week of school-planned exploration, and a second week or two of Summer Camp. For the first exploration week, the school seeks to find a link between education and entertainment. The following is a list of some of the special activities that we have at this time (The location and activities change yearly):

Chocolate Factory

Learn how chocolate is made and make your own chocolate bar.

Kennedy Space Center

Lunch with an astronaut and exploring the facility

St. Augustines

Oldest continuous settlement in America

Fountain of Youth

What did an American town look like in the beginning?

Colonial Williamsburg

Early American life

Washington DC Sights

The White House, Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, Air and Space Museum


Future World

Gold Nugget

Panning for Gold

Yosemite National Park

See the redwoods – oldest trees on earth!

San Francisco

Crookedest road, Pier 35 and 39, Golden Gate Bridge

Lake Tahoe

Experience snow and ice in summer!

No parents. No teachers. New friends. English only!

Summer Camp! 400 students of multi-age at one time under the care of qualified, experienced counselors. Non-Axis students are welcome to attend the trip with us. Contact the school office to see if you can still participate.