03 April 1st Semester starts. All classes start.
29 Golden Week Holiday starts
07 May Golden Week Holiday ends
03 July Summer Break begins G1 – 12. Summer School 1st Session starts
14 Summer School 1st Session ends
17 National Holiday
18 Summer School 2nd Session starts
28 Summer School 2nd Session ends
31 Summer School 3rd Session starts
10 August Summer School 3rd Session ends
11 National Holiday
14 Griggs Training for G1 – 12 teachers this week.
17 Preschool Training Day
18 Preschool Training Day
21 Summer Holiday. All Classes closed
04 September All Classes Resume
18 National Holiday
09 October National Holiday
16 1st Semester ends
17 2nd Semester starts
03 November National Holiday
23 National Holiday
25 December Winter Break starts. All Classes closed.


09 January All Classes resume
12 February National Holiday
23  National Holiday
15 March Last day of 2nd Semester
18 Spring Break G1 – 12 starts. Spring School starts.
28 Preschool Training. Preschool Closed
29 Preschool Training. Preschool Closed

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