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Axis International School

Axis International School provides elementary, junior high, and high school students the opportunity to study a full academic curriculum in English under the instruction of highly qualified, native English-speaking teachers.


Students joining Axis International undergo assessment to determine their ability to complete English coursework and to confirm their appropriate grade level in our program. Children who are not able to study entirely in English will need to take intensive private classes and must allow for an adjustment period before following regular courses. While this preparation is not easy, we are more than willing to work with students who are motivated to improve their English. We also offer full bilingual support to parents who may need it.


Axis International School has a curriculum based on the Griggs International Academy program. This is a program that is compliant with the Maryland State Education Department in America. Completed tests are graded at Axis, but official grades come from Griggs, U.S.A.
For our High school classes, if students have a GPA of at least 3.0, they may sign up for dual credit classes. These classes give our high school students College credit. The AP program does not give college credit, but shows that students are ready for a high level college. Griggs students will not only demonstrate that they are ready for college, but will can earn up to 1 year college credit. The IB Program also does not offer this advantage and it is something to consider.


All full-time students take coursework in Bible, English Language, Mathematics, Reading, Science and Social Studies. Elementary students also study Handwriting, Music, and Spelling. Once students complete high school at Axis, they may go on to study at an American university or pursue courses of study in other countries. There are many options, so please discuss your student’s needs with us. Students from Axis International have continued their studies at excellent schools in America, Canada, Korea, Japan, Portugal, and Russia.

School Life and Culture

In addition to their personalized academic instruction, students at Axis International enjoy the social aspect of a formal school environment. Students may collaborate on group projects in academic subjects or fine art courses. All students join in music, and physical education classes. Lunch time provides a daily opportunity for students to relax and enjoy socializing.
At Axis, we strive not only for students’ academic excellence, but also for their excellence of character. While most of our students are not Christian, all study the Bible as part of their program. Younger students explore a variety of Bible stories that support positive character traits. Older students join a weekly Bible session in which they discuss a variety of topics ranging from Biblical history to real world problems in the daily news. We believe that the Bible is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path in life.


  • Study through an accredited American program.

  • Complete up to 1 year of university in high school.

  • Graduate with an American Diploma.

  • Transfer easily to any American program.

  • Enjoy small teacher to student ratio.

  • Receive one-on-one support from experienced, English-speaking educators.

  • Acquire more self-discipline through an individualized program of study.

  • Develop study skills for life.

  • Become an independent learner and creative thinker.

  • Foster fine arts ability with music and visual arts specialists.

  • Join special interest after school clubs.

Daily Program


The school day begins at 9 AM with a brief assembly of all students to enjoy some Biblical counsel, sing hymns, and hear announcements. After Assembly, all students help clean the school.

Academic study time begins at 9:30 AM. Each student and the teacher consult the student’s check sheet to determine what the student needs to work on for the day. While lessons on the check sheet proceed sequentially for each subject, students rarely do a lesson from each subject each day. Students may work diligently on several lessons of the same subject for the entire school day if needed. Also, students do not miss lessons if they are absent. They can simply continue the next day they return to school from where they left off on their check sheet. Students have a short break time from 10:50 – 11 AM.
At 11 AM on most days, students participate in Physical Education. When the weather is nice, P.E. often takes place outside at nearby parks. Students engage in a variety of sports and learn the necessary skills and rules as each activity is introduced. On Fridays, students usually have a longer P. E. session at local gymnasiums to enjoy swimming, basketball, badminton, or other sports requiring special facilities.


Lunch time begins at noon and ends at 1 PM. Students bring lunch to school and may use the school kitchen for heating their meals. After eating, students may use the remaining lunch time for socializing, relaxing, or catching up on their studies.
After lunch, students continue studying until 2:50 PM with a short break from 1:50 – 2 PM. Toward the end of the day, teachers assign homework according to students’ grade level, abilities, and level of completion of their work. Children who work quickly and accurately during the school day may have little or no homework. Students are dismissed at 2:50PM and may be picked up or travel home on their own. Some students may choose to stay at school a bit longer and work on their homework using school resources.


  • Entrance Fee:   JPY 324,000
  • Annual Building Fee:   JPY 162,000
  • Text Book Fee(includes accreditation): 

    Grade 1 – 5  JPY 220,320

    Grade 6 – 8    JPY 285,120

    Grade 9 – 12  JPY 570,240

  • Annual Tuition(10 month school year):   JPY 1,728,000
  • Bus Service Monthly (morning and afternoon):   JPY 32,400
  • Summer School / Spring School:  

    Per session for Axis students  JPY 8,640(1 day)

    Per session for non-Axis students    JPY 10,800(1 day)

*The above are correct as of 10 January 2019. Prices may change as a result of exchange rate fluctuations, Griggs increases or tax increases.
*One academic year is 10 months of schooling.
*A limit number of Scholarships are available based on need and a request.

Frequently Asked Questions

May Japanese children attend the International School?2019-11-02T17:24:20+09:00

Yes, if their English ability is adequate. We conduct assessment tests prior to student enrollment to confirm that students are ready for an English curriculum and to determine at what grade level students should begin.

Do the parents have to be able to speak English?2019-11-02T17:24:12+09:00

Preferably, parents should speak and understand English in order to support their children’s studies and to communicate more effectively with the international teachers. However, Japanese-speaking staff members will support parents as much as possible.

What kind of materials do you use?2019-11-02T17:24:01+09:00

Our school follows the Griggs International Academy curriculum which is an accredited program based in the United States. Students graduating from our high school program earn the same U.S. high school diploma that any American child would receive.

How many grades do you have?2019-11-02T17:50:15+09:00

Our international school accepts students in Grade 1 – Grade 12 (elementary, junior high, and high school). Our preschool program welcomes students from age 1 through kindergarten, preparing young students to join the international elementary school from Grade 1.

Is the credit recognized in other countries?2019-11-02T17:23:43+09:00

Yes, as long as an American diploma is recognized. Please see below for a list of schools and countries that our students have transferred to.

Can students transfer abroad?2019-11-02T17:23:36+09:00

Yes. Please come and discuss the many possibilities available.

What sport do children at Axis participate in?2022-08-02T17:51:14+09:00

They participate in: Badminton, Basketball,  Soccer, Swimming, and Table Tennis.

What nationalities are the teachers?2023-09-10T07:19:02+09:00

Our teachers are American, British, Dutch, Filipino, and South African

What countries are represented by the students?2023-09-10T07:18:18+09:00

17% America

4% Australia

6% China

2% Egyptian

4% Estonia

2% India

53% Japan

6% Korea

2% Lithuania

2% Singapore

2% U.K.


What percentage of the students have a foreign nationality?2023-10-14T22:06:54+09:00

The above nationalities make up 47% of the students.

What schools do Axis International School graduates go to?2023-09-10T07:15:23+09:00

Some of the universities our graduates have been accepted include:

Andrews University, USA

University of British Columbia, Canada

Pacific Union College, USA

Sophia University, Japan

Southern Adventist University, USA

Temple University, Japan

University of Victoria, Canada

Washington Adventist University, USA


Other K-12 schools our graduates have gone to include:

BASIS Tuscon, U.S.A

The British School, Tokyo, Japan

Christian Academy in Japan, Tokyo, Japan

Hawaiian Baptist Academy, Honolulu, U.S.A

Hawaiian Mission Academy, Hawaii, USA

Hiroo Gakuen, Tokyo, Japan

Keimei, Tokyo, Japan

La Salle Green Hills, Mandaluyong, Philippines

Lincoln High School, Portland, U.S.A.

Lycée International School(American Section), Paris, France

Mid-Pacific Institute, Honolulu, U.S.A

Yangbul Elementary School, Gyeonggi City, Republic of Korea

May Japanese children attend?2019-08-15T00:30:31+09:00

Yes, if their English ability is adequate. We conduct assessment tests prior to student enrollment to confirm that students are ready for an English curriculum and to determine at what grade level students should begin.

Absence Form (To retire soon…)2023-09-19T16:14:12+09:00

Summer/Spring School

Axis International School students may take the opportunity to spend time developing skills with which they are struggling or to work ahead in their studies.  Students who stay on for summer school usually focus on one or two subject areas rather than the full yearly schedule of courses.  English and Math are the most popular summer subjects.

Non-Axis students are welcome to attend as well. After assessing them, and discussing what they want/need to do, we will implement a program tailored for their needs. There are generally two programs. The Academic program focuses on learning specific academis skills. The Skill Builder program is for students who want to enjoy an intensive session studying in the English language. The focus here is on advanced functional English skills.

Student interested in summer or spring school should book early as this program is typically full before it starts.


The Art Club meets every Friday from 3:15 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. The current members are aged from 7 – 12 yrs.


The business club is every second Friday afternoon from 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Many times, we will go longer. We are learning how business works. The current members are aged 7 – 17 yrs.


We are learning how to program a computer. We are currently working with the language Liberty BASIC. The ages in this club are 15 – 17 yrs.

Keep Track About Your Child’s Activities

We believe that parent’s participation is very important for child’s progress. Through our E-mail list you’ll be getting the latest information about your child’s activities.

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